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    Inspired by the passion of making homemade water ice from his kitchen, and praised with rave reviews from friends and family, Danny Losacco is the mastermind to THE ICERY's eclectic menu selection of icy deliciousness.   


 THE ICERY name is stemmed from the fusion of the words 'ice' and 'bakery'-- only we don't bake but freeze our cold creations: an idea inspired where Danny could serve a daily assortment of homemade frozen delights including classic Italian ice, artisan gelato, mini ice cakes and gourmet ice pops.


 With his roots originating in Italy, his family moved to Philly in the 1960's, where he was inspired by the best of Italian-made water ice. His favorite nostalgic memory of childhood was the Italian ice truck stopping daily at his front door during the hot summer seasons, where he became hooked forever.


 Originally trained as an architect, Danny now sets his creative vision on creating water ice memories for today's Philadelphians.  His personal favorites remain traditional Lemon, Chocolate, and Cherry!


 Stop by and delight in a sweet Italian treat that is-- THE ICERY!


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Danny L,

Icery Artisan + Owner

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Dan Losacco