Each artisan gelato IceCake® is crafted to be unique:

Select from our best sellers like Pistachio Perfezione, Snickers Duomo, Cioccio Noccio **OR** Build Your Own, an opportunity to choose your (2) gelato flavors from our extensive selection of GOURMET FLAVORS.

Build-Ur-Own: Orange Mascarpone + Amaretto

Triple Chocolate

Vanilla Bean + Snickers


Philly CC + Raspberry Sorbetto


Philly CC + Chocolate Raspberry

Brownie Batter + Snickers gelato over brownie base

Strawberry sorbetto+ philly cream cheese gelato


BUILD-UR-OWN: Lemon Mascarpone + Pistachio

Vanilla Bean + Red Velvet Cake

Nutella Chocolate + Torrone

BUILD-UR-OWN | Mint CC + Vanilla Straccietalla

Build-Ur-Own: Lemon Mascarpone Gelato + Fruitopia Sorbetto topped with fresh Furit and Lemon Crunch

Build-Ur-Own:: Strawberry Sorbetto + Vanilla Stracciatella with buttery graham crust and cookie crumb center. Topped generously with twix bar and drizzled with chocolate.

Build-Ur-Own: Salty Peanut & Caramel

Oreo Cookie + Brownie Batter gelato

Strawberry Sorbetto + Vanilla Stracciatella

Custom Character :: COOKIE MONSTER

Brownie Batter + Snickers gelato over brownie base

Noccio Coccio

Pistachio + Lemon Mascarpone GELATO

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Strawberry Sorbetto + Hazelnut Gelato

Custom Character Cake : Man-Eating Shark

Build-Ur-Own: Layered Snickers + Nutella Chocolate

Mint Cookie Chip

Build-Ur-Own: Mint Choc Chip + Snickers

Strawberry Sorbetto + Vanilla Stracciatella

Fig Delight

Raspberry Chocolate + Triple Chocolate

Strawberry sorbetto+Oreo Cookie gelato

Raspperry Sorbetto + Roasted Almond Gelato

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Build-Ur-Own: Vanilla Bean + Oreo Cookie

Build-Ur-Own :: Berry Mascarpone + Vanilla Bean

Orange Mascarpone + Vanilla Bean

Noccio Coccio

Custom Cakes : Daniel Tiger

Build-Ur-Own :: Brownie Batter + philly Cream Cheese

Berry Mascarpone + Philly Cream Cheese

Snickers Gelato IceCake

Build-Ur-Own:: Pistachio + Blueberry Cream

Build-Ur- Own:: Oreo + Blue Birthday Gelato Cake

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Chocolate Ribbon:: Gelato IceCake

Raspberry Chocolate + Triple Chocolate Delight Ribbon Cake

Build-Your-Own:: Key Lime | Gelato IceCake

Pistachio + Hazelnut Crunch

Character Cake :: Shark

Custom Character :: BOOTS (Dora the Explorer)

Blue Birthday Gelato Cake (with sprinkles)