SORRY. We are not accepting orders for 2020.

*All cake orders are guaranteed in 4 days; each cake requires a minimum turnaround time of 36 hours.

Step 1 :

Pick (2) Gelato Flavors





* Sorbetto is not recommended in IceCakes with some exceptions. EMAIL/CALL US for more details.

Step 2 :

Select Base
  • Chocolate Brownie   (recommended)

  • Blondie Brownie

  • Honey Graham Crust

  • Peanut

Step 3 :

Select Texture

Strawberry or Cherry Puree • Chocolate Crunch • Cookie Crunch • Coffee Crunch • Peanut Crunch • White Chocolate • Fig • Lemon Cookie Crunch • Baked Apple


ALL CAKES MUST BE STORED IN A FREEZER. Our recommended safe travel time for cakes is 20 min from store to freezer in a chilled ice cooler. For extra handling care, please indicate an approximate time of pick up so we can Blast Freeze cake prior to pick up.


We recommend to take your cake out of the freezer 5-10 mins before serving. Always use a hot, sharp knife and ensure you wipe off any excess water to prevent depositing ice crystals on the cake.